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Embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and transformation. Illuminate your path to an authentic, purposeful life with The Pearl Transformation Journey.

Embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and transformation. Illuminate your path to an authentic, purposeful life with The Pearl Transformation Journey.

Disliking your current daily routine and feeling a lack of purpose?

Feeling unnoticed, living solely for others?

Constantly putting the needs of others before your own, neglecting your aspirations?

Feeling like your own voice and needs are often overlooked?

Feeling lonely and disconnected despite having family and coworkers around?

Longing to be seen, heard, and acknowledged for who you are?

Desiring a supportive community to share your thoughts, experiences, and dreams?

You know when you've been surrounded by people at home and work, yet feel all alone.


It's like hiding in plain sight, wishing to be acknowledged and embraced. Yearning to step into a room with confidence and poise, instead of feeling ignored. You want more quality time and the ability to voice your desires. You long for acts of kindness and service, a turn to be seen and heard. Break free from this self-imposed cage; raise your hand and say, "it's my turn."


You’re done feeling trapped by the limitations that come with neglecting your own needs.


You know deep down that the changes you seek starts with acknowledging your desires and embracing a transformative journey.

You're ready for a profound shift in your life. You’re ready to rediscover your authentic self, find joy in the journey, and cultivate a life that aligns with your values.

 You’re ready for the PEARL Program – a personalized, transformative experience designed to guide you toward a life that reflects your true essence and radiates with purpose.

The PEARL Transformation Journey 

Welcome to the PEARL Transformation Journey, a unique coaching program designed to help you realize your true potential, overcome barriers, and shine brightly in your own life. Like a pearl that forms layer by layer, you too will undergo a beautiful transformation, enhancing your presence and purpose in the world.

The PEARL Transformation Journey has 3 phases:

White Pearl Program: The Initial Spark

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Like recognizing the grain of sand within the oyster, we'll unveil your true desires and identify beliefs or values holding you back. This 6-week phase ignites the spark of your transformation.

DURATION: 6 weeks

COST: $495

Support Provided: Unlimited email support between sessions.

Pink Pearl Program: The Growth Phase

Dive deeper into transformation, envisioning the radiant pearl you wish to become. Augment changes and improvements, learning techniques to remove barriers. Over 12 weeks, witness the beginnings of your inner radiance.

DURATION: 12 weeks

COST: $990

Support Provided: Unlimited email support between sessions.

Gold Pearl Program: The Luminary Level

Reinforce and solidify your transformation with monthly coaching and maintenance sessions.

As your inner light intensifies, you'll embody the radiant resilience of a polished pearl.

DURATION: 6 weeks

COST: $495

Support Provided: Unlimited email support between sessions.

Each stage of the program holds its own value and completion, providing substantial growth opportunities.

"Karen has been integral to me, finally finding my voice. I suffer from anxiety, depression, and PTSD and through Karen’s wisdom and experience, I can see a massive improvement in my mindset and behavior. During our sessions and talks Karen has helped me to affirm my identity and unlock my true potential. I’m truly grateful for the experiences I’ve had with her."

- Diondrea I.

Ready to discover your true potential and shine in your own life?


Join the PEARL Transformation Journey! In our free 30-minute consultation, explore how this unique coaching program can benefit you. Learn which program stage aligns with your needs, gain insight into transformative experiences, and break free to live authentically.

Choose yourself—schedule your complementary call now! Your journey to becoming a pearl starts here.

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So who am I and why should you listen to me?


Embarking on the profound journey of self-discovery, I'm Karen Lee, your Transformational Mind & Body Coach. Born at the Air Force Academy, raised with a deep sense of service and patriotism, I've spent my entire life in the service of others. 


As a military wife and daughter, the American flag holds deep emotional significance, echoing core values instilled in me. My journey also involves massage therapy, offering insights into the mind-body connection, recognizing that true transformation is holistic.


My commitment to helping women over 40 stems from personal struggles, moments of loneliness, and losing myself in the role of caretaker. I've faced these challenges, propelling my dedication to empowering women to reclaim their identity and live authentically.


I don't just offer coaching; I share a transformative journey where your path intersects with my guidance. Let's explore limitless possibilities together. Welcome to the PEARL Transformation Journey, where every pearl begins as a grain of sand, and your journey to becoming a luminous pearl starts here.

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"What did I take away from my session with you? I think the fact that I shared something very close to me,  and it was very liberating. It brought much more authenticity to my session. I feel like I've been holding back, even with therapists, so to be authentic is a big AHA, which, thank you for providing the space for me to be open and vulnerable. These two sessions have been a blessing, and they came exactly when I needed them the most."
- Ana O.

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