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giving yourself permission to shift the focus from prioritizing others, to what brings you profound joy and fulfillment

giving yourself the permission to shift the focus off what is a priority for others, over to what makes you feel good.

Hi there I’m Karen,

A transformational mind & body coach with a unique background rooted in military life. 

Thank you for stumbling upon my little corner of the internet. If you've found your way here, consider it a sign and the beginning of the answers you've been seeking.

My passion lies in guiding women, particularly those over 40, through a transformative journey. Like you, I've experienced challenges in my life – the isolation, the struggle to hold a family together, and the gradual loss of identity in the process.

Unlike traditional therapists or coaches, my approach is a collaborative effort where your unique journey meets my guidance. 

I've been in your shoes, feeling lonely and isolated, but I want you to know that you're not alone. Your feelings are normal, and you don't have to hold everything together by yourself.

Raised as both a military spouse and daughter, my deep connection to service has been a cornerstone of my life. Living amidst the lives of service members, it was my passion to serve others that guided me, finding purpose and fulfillment in offering support not just within the military community but extending it beyond.

I'm a proud member of military spouse groups and organizations, and my connection to patriotic women runs deep. 

My goal is to empower women to design and live a life that truly serves their best interests. Whether you're a military spouse, a woman on a quest for transformation, or anyone in between, I'm here to witness your journey, hold space for your growth, and
cheer you on every step of the way.

Come explore and expand with me, discovering the possibilities that lie ahead. Remember, you are more powerful than you realize.

My story

In the silence of my routine existence, I felt lost. My family, the core of my world, seemed to drift in the wake of my husband’s return from deployments. Each homecoming, instead of joy, brought a silent struggle to reconnect the pieces. I spent 25 years building a business that now felt like a shell, devoid of the passion it once sparked in me. At 46, surrounded by a teenager navigating their own battles and a husband grappling with the invisible scars of war, I ached for more—more meaning, more laughter, more love.

Relaxation felt like a concept meant for others, not for someone burdened with perpetual responsibility. The moment I confronted my reality, I realized I was at a breaking point. What did I truly want? My life had been about supporting everyone else,  yet in doing so, I’d lost sight of who I was. It was a sobering thought, acknowledging how out of touch I’d become with my own desires, recognizing the depth of my weariness with life’s monotonous cycle.

I was incredibly lonely. Somewhere, amidst the chaos, I knew there had to be a way to reclaim the joy and connection missing from my life. I craved a community, a sense of belonging, and those moments of pure, unadulterated happiness.

This journey of self-discovery wasn’t swift or straightforward. It unfolded over seven years, through small, deliberate steps—sometimes forwards, sometimes back. Each decision, each attempt to carve out a space for myself, felt like a battle against the guilt of putting me first for once.

Today, as I stand amidst a community that embodies the tribe I once longed for, I understand that the journey of transformation is ongoing. It's a dance of resilience and grace, moving ever closer to a life that truly serves my best interests and those of the people I love.

My approach

Embarking on this transformative journey is akin to going underwater.

Imagine stepping off the boat, the moment of surrender as you go down, relaxing, and exhaling to submerge into the depths. It's about getting yourself in the right state of mind, sinking into the unknown depths of the ocean of your own being. As you ride the currents of self-discovery and personal growth, I'm here as your guide. Just like a pearl forming layer by layer, this journey is about uncovering the unique layers of your identity, values, and beliefs. 

We start by deeply understanding your current reality, unveiling your profound desires, and identifying potential barriers. Following this, we work together to envision the radiant life you aspire to live. Through a progressive process, we layer on changes and improvements, much like the formation of layers in a pearl. 

Our collaborative effort focuses on removing obstacles and limiting beliefs, fostering a space for growth and restoration. Ultimately, you'll experience the luminescence of your inner light shining brightly as you grow, embodying the purpose and radiance of the envisioned pearl. 

This approach is crafted to guide you through a comprehensive and holistic transformation, aligning your life with authenticity and purpose.

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